Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Black Star Relationship with Maka

Maka is one of Black Star's closest friends. They apparently know each other from childhood, since they had grown up together in Death City. Black Star likes annoying Maka and winding her up, but he still cares for her deeply. He never hesitates to come to her aid when she is in trouble, not even asking for thanks afterwards, and always offers his assistance in battle. He still respects Maka's wishes, and leaves her to fight alone if she wants to. Black Star also never forgives anyone who hurts her, shown when he swears vengeance on Arachnophobia for hurting Maka and in his fury at Crona for betraying her. He understands Maka well, and has faith in her, although he does not often show this. Although they are close friends, they do have their share of fights and arguments, since their personalities are often in conflict. There is an especially tense moment between them when they are training to achieve a Chain Resonance, when Maka loses her temper with him and the two end up fighting, which ends with Maka punching Black Star and running off, in tears. After, when they successfully achieve Chain Resonance, Maka asks Black Star to punch her since she had punched him back when they had been fighting. Black Star grins and says that he would not hold back. In the end, Black Star's punch sends her several feet backwards and into a dumpster. Despite being in pain, with a large bruise on her face, she smiles and the two make up. Black Star also respects Maka for her abilities, saying that she and Soul are capable of things that even he cannot do. He also envies her ability of Soul Perception.

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