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Black☆Star Part in the Story-The New Student and Soul Observation

There is constant talk concerning Shinigami's son, Death the Kid's enrolment in Shibusen. Black Star, being the person that he is, is angered that there is someone who is talked about more than he is. He then proceeds to go outside and wait for Kid to appear, along with Soul. Kid, however, is three hours late, as he had spent the entire morning making certain that everything is perfectly symmetrical before his departure. Black Star grows even more impatient at his late appearance. When Kid finally does arrive, he immediately begins to admire the supreme symmetry of the school building; however, he is quickly devastated when Black Star ruins the symmetry by standing on and breaking ones of the spikes protruding out the main skull structure of the entrance. This greatly angers Kid and he prepares to do battle with Black Star, who ends up dragging an unwilling Soul into the fight.

During battle, Kid uses his partners, Liz and Patti with great dexterity and handles both Soul and Black Star with extreme ease. When Black Star expresses his frustration at Kid's long-range attacks, Kid decides to switch to close-range hand-to-hand combat, proving that he surpasses even Black Star in martial arts. The fight soon attracts the attention of the students inside the school; leading to Maka, Tsubaki and Stein having to go outside to watch the fight. Asking Maka to see if Death the Kid is Resonating with Liz and Patti, Maka sees that despite it being difficult to wield two Weapons, the three look up to each other, and thus achieve a perfect balance in Soul Wavelengths. On the other hand, Black Star and Soul's efforts to defeat Kid are futile against him

Black Star and Soul decide to attempt to actually work together as a Weapon and Meister pairing. However, their Wavelengths do not match at all, and Black Star cannot lift Soul in Weapon form. Frustrated, he sends his own Wavelength into Soul, which harms the Demon Weapon. In a 'emotional' moment, Soul decides to break up with Black Star as partners, but Black Star declares that they are still best friends. The two friends hug, but their moment is interrupted as Kid - not being able to resist - shoots the two in the head.

With new resolve, the two go against Death the Kid again. They almost manage to hit him, with Black Star managing to feint a kick and then grab Kid's leg to pin him down, which gives Soul an opportunity to slam into him in Weapon form. However, Kid still manages to dodge, and counter-attack the two. He then proceeds to use Death Cannon. Despite the situation looking grim, Black Star boasts that nothing will defeat him. Obviously, Kid's Death Cannon finishes both of them off.

Kid, surprisingly, loses consciousness too for seemingly unknown reasons. It is then revealed by Maka that, when Soul attempted to slash at Kid, he cut some of Kid’s bangs, with Kid not noticing his broken symmetry until after the explosion. Soul and Black Star both agree that this was their 'win from behind.'

Tsubaki then goes to Black Star and asks if he is alright, though, his only concern is if she saw him and how well he did. Black Star is later seen when Shinigami comes to take home.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Black☆Star Part in the Story-Remedial Lesson

Black Star and Tsubaki try to sneak up on Soul and Maka as they enter the Death Room after all four of them had been called there by Shinigami. However, his loud voice gives him away again, to Tsubaki's dismay.

The four meet up with Shinigami, who tells them that he is giving them extra lessons, much to the protest of Maka and Soul, since they all have collected no souls at all recently. Black Star does not seem to mind this much, laughing cheerfully. Shinigami thus gives them a mission in order to defeat Sid Barett, their missing former teacher who was rumoured to have died and come back as a zombie terrorising the other students (apparently the rumour is true) and trying to get them to experience the freedom from the fear of dying. He also says that there is also the person who turned Sid into a zombie to consider. Black Star eagerly accepts the mission. Shinigami then adds that if they fail this mission, they will be expelled.

Everyone else is distraught about the threat of being expelled apart from Black Star, whom Tsubaki tries to get to take the mission seriously. The four decide to go to Hook Cemetery, where Sid's grave is. Black Star however, does not take anything seriously, and jokingly suggests that they urinate on Sid's grave, which Soul heartily agrees to.

However, at that moment, Sid attacks Maka, but Soul manages to save her before she is harmed. Sid picks up his gravestone and begins using it as a weapon. He proves to be a formidable opponent, and Black Star ends up having to defend Maka at some points, and soon ends up taking a hard blow from Sid's Living End attack. Angered that he has been hit, Black Star manages to retaliate with a kick to Sid's solar plexus, which causes the teacher to be impressed at his skills.

Maka and Soul tries to engage in a Soul Resonance and use Witch-Hunt Slash on Sid, but end up failing and almost hit Black Star instead. As they try to hit Sid, the zombie buries itself underground, appearing only to attack and disappear again. Realizing that Sid is following the Way of the Assassination, Black Star deems that there can only be one assassin on the field: himself. He manages to use Trap☆Star to catch Sid, but ends up catching Maka and Soul in the process.

The four then interrogate Sid as to who turned him into a zombie, and on his whereabouts. Black Star manages to coax Sid into saying that it was Franken Stein that had turned him into a zombie by flipping Tsubaki's skirt. Soul, determined not to lose, flips Maka's skirt as well, which amusingly provokes no reaction from Sid. Maka uses Maka Chop on the boys and Sid, which manages to have Sid tell him that Stein is in Patchwork lab, a place on the outskirts of Death City.

The students, with Tsubaki holding Sid captive, go to the laboratory, and meet with Stein, who makes a rather bizarre entrance by falling out of the building on his chair. However, he proves to be an amazing fighter, being able to use Soul Perception in order to analyse his opponents beforehand, and he takes out Black Star easily whilst still seated on his chair. Maka and Soul proceed to attack, but Stein manages to disarm Maka and prepares to start dissecting her. However, Black Star manages to get him to let go by using his Certain Kill: Black☆Star Big Wave. But he is surprised as the attack does no effect to him. Stein explains that as he had seen Black Star's soul and Soul Wavelength, he had been able to change his own Wavelength to match Black Star's, therefore Resonating with him and making Blakc Star's Wavelength attack useless. He then attacks Black Star with his own Wavelength, which causes him to lose consciousness in a pool of blood.

His friends deem him to be dead, and Soul and Maka, the latter regaining her courage to fight Stein, manage to engage in a successful Witch-Hunt Slash. However, Stein still manages to defeat them. When it appears all is lost, Stein and Sid reveal that all of this is just a part of the extra lesson planned by Shinigami. Soul protests that he had still killed Black Star, but the Meister then regains consciousness.

The next day, the four students are in class, when Stein, much to Soul and Maka's shock, appears and tells them that he is now their new teacher. Black Star merely makes a grumpy remark that Stein is standing out more than him.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Black☆Star Part in the Story-Prologue

Black Star defeats Mifune in their first match.

Black Star first appears with Tsubaki on a mission to take down Alcapone and his men. Although Tsubaki reminds him of the Way of Assassination, Black Star ends up giving himself away by making a big entrance right in the middle of the villains' banquet, using Tsubaki in Weapon form like a microphone, much to the Weapon's chagrin. Alcapone's men do not hesitate to attack them, and the two are forced to retreat using Tsubaki's Smoke bomb Mode.

Tsubaki is saddened by their failure, saying that they had not been able to acquire a single soul as of yet, but Black Star remains ecstatic, claiming that he was as 'big as usual' and made a great stage performance. The two contact Shinigami and Tsubaki tells them of their failed mission. Shinigami wonders on why they are failing so much even when they are quite skilled. Black Star interrupts and promises to turn Tsubaki into a Death Scythe, and offers him his autograph as a current substitute, which earns him a chop to the head by Shinigami.

Shinigami then tells them that although he would like to watch over them all the time, things have become problematic recently because Alcapone and his men have begun to go after a Witch Soul of the Witch Angela Leon. He also tells them that Angela has an incredibly strong bodyguard called Mifune and that his soul is more powerful than the average human's. His soul alone will count as ninety-nine souls. Realizing that Mifune's soul and Angela's Witch Soul would immediately turn Tsubaki into a Death Scythe, Black Star eagerly dashes off to face Mifune, with Tsubaki following behind, not waiting to listen to the rest of what Shinigami has to say about Angela.

Tsubaki however, stops Black Star and tells him that in their current state, it would be impossible to defeat Mifune and Angela. They would need to go through this mission properly. Angered by her criticism, Black Star attempts to prove to Tsubaki that he can easily follow the Way of Assassination, by sneaking up on Tsubaki whilst she is bathing at a waterfall. He manages to do it at first, but then ends up screaming when he sees her naked body, which causes an angry Tsubaki to throw a shuriken at him.

As the two make their way to Magic Castle Cinder where Angela and Mifune reside, Tsubaki asks Black Star if he has a plan. He confidently replies that the first thing he will do is make a big entrance, much to Tsubaki's despair. However, Black Star then swears to Tsubaki that he will make her into a Death Scythe, and she smiles and says that she knows he will.

However, as they reach the castle, they see Alcapone's men killed, and they are attacked by Mifune. Mifune asks them if they are after Angela. Black Star introduces himself to Mifune and declares a duel with him as he thinks he is quite strong. Mifune gives the two a chance to leave, but Black Star orders Tsubaki to change into Chain Scythe Mode. Noticing that Black Star is a person from Shibusen, Mifune prepares to attack, engaging in his Infinite One-Sword Style.

Mifune quickly proves to be more than a match for Black Star, as the Meister struggles against his swordsmanship. Mifune says so to Black Star, that his Weapon is the only thing protecting him, and that no matter how potent a Weapon is, if its Meister is not competent, it will be useless. He gives one last chance for Black Star to leave, saying that he does not like to kill a child. However, Black Star, angered at Mifune for calling him a child, proceeds to attack Mifune by throwing Tsubaki at him in Shuriken Mode, followed by Smoke bomb Mode, and then attempts to cut Mifune under cover of the smoke by grabbing one of his katanas. However, his loud voice gives him away, and Mifune strikes him down.

Tsubaki watches on, horrified, thinking Black Star is dead. However, the Meister gets up, and yells at Mifune for hitting him with the back of his blade, saying that only he can do those kind of moves. Mifune instead says he feels sorry for Tsubaki, as she has to put up with him. He calls Black Star a 'small kid.' However, Tsubaki defends Black Star, saying that he can succeed if he tries, despite being a bit of an idiot at times. Black Star, now furious at Mifune, accuses him for trying to stand out more than him, and declares that the main role will always be himself. Deciding to take the fight seriously, he successfully follows the Way of Assassination. By covering himself with Tsubaki's Smoke Bomb Mode, he uses Tsubaki's Dummy Star Mode to distract Mifune, before taking down Mifune with one hit using his Certain Kill: Black☆Star Big Wave. As Mifune is defeated, Black Star states that it obvious he lost to someone as great as him.

He proceeds to interrogate Mifune on the whereabouts of Angela. Mifune refuses to say anything and Black Star is about to lose his patience when Angela herself arrives and begs the two to spare Mifune. Black Star is startled as Angela is only a small child, and that Mifune is defending her until she can fend for herself. Mifune tells Black Star that he can take his soul, but he would fight to the death for Angela. In the end, Black Star does not kill the two, repeating Mifune's words as he leaves, that he would not like to kill a child.

Back at the DWMA, Black Star gives all of Alcapone and his mens' souls to Shinigami, who asks him why he is not taking them when the going is good. Black Star declares that someone as great as him has no need to take credit for someone else's work. He asks for Tsubaki's opinion and she happily agrees.

Later however, Black Star is back to his old tricks again, peeping on Tsubaki in the school baths, which earns him a shuriken thrown into his head.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Soul Eater Black☆Star Abilities

Black Star using Soul Resonance with Tsubaki along with the Uncanny Sword.

Physical Fitness: Black Star is noted to be the fastest Shibusen student (with the possible exception of Kid, who purposely did not perform as well has he could so that he could get a perfect 8 seconds time), surpassing Kirikou. His agility and speed are almost to an incredible level, as he can run 100 metres in less than six seconds, jump from tree to tree, and dodge multiple attacks with ease. Aside from his speed, Black Star is also incredibly strong and has great stamina, being able to endure punishing physical workouts such as five hundred one-handed press ups. Tsubaki also comments that he never gets ill. His strength and speed cause him to be a force to be reckoned with even without Tsubaki present. His instincts in combat are so acute, that things like switching stances and attacking and defending are completely natural. Sid even goes as far to say that Black Star is a 'heaven-sent warrior.' His endurance is also great, as he can keep on fighting without a drop in form despite suffering from serious injuries and wounds and continuing fights with powerful enemies despite great amounts of blood loss. His physical prowess grow even more as the series progresses. Even Stein, the strongest person to ever graduate from Shibusen, has a hard time when sparring with Black Star, commenting that Black Star is close to outdoing him in terms of physical combat. As well as martial arts, Black Star is adept at wielding Tsubaki's Weapon forms with great efficiency, and is flexible in battle, switching to different Weapon forms for different styles of combat. He is also regarded as the strongest attacker out of his team, consisting of Maka and Kid.

Strong Wavelength: Black Star is a practitioner of Soul Menace — an attack that Stein also uses. By resonating with one's own soul, one can drive their own Soul Wavelength directly into an opponent's body through a physical strike on them. Only people who have a strong Wavelength and the ability to manipulate one's own Wavelength, can use this move, and Black Star has both qualities. Although Black Star is not as proficient in using it like Stein, he has managed to create two of his own variations of Soul Menace: Planet Destruction Cannon and Certain Kill: Black☆Star Big Wave. Stein once gives Black Star a pot of Soul Absorption Liquid, which drains his Wavelength at one touch, in order to make his Wavelength stronger. At first, Black Star can barely put his hand in it, but, when asked about it later on in the series, he replies that he became annoyed and drank it all. According to Stein, not even an average adult Meister would have lived if he or she did that. His Soul Menace attacks get so strong, that even Stein cannot negate his Wavelength. His soul itself is stronger than average, and like his body, can take a lot of punishment. This is even farther alluded in that his soul as shown in resonance with Tsubaki early in the series is only slightly smaller than Maka's soul in resonance with Soul as a Death Scythe a good 50 chapters later. His Soul Wavelength is also powerful enough to blow away madness from the surrounding area.

Ninja Abilities: Black Star is originally an assassin, specializing in ninja tactics and stealth, but his arrogance often leads him to reveal his whereabouts, defeating the purpose his role as assassin. The few times he uses his ninja stealth is when he peeps on Tsubaki (which normally ends up with him yelling and showing his whereabouts upon seeing Tsubaki's nude body) when she is bathing, or when he finally takes the fight seriously. When he does use his ninja arts though, he is deadly, being able to erase every trace of his existence from the enemy's eyes, and striking them before they notice him. Likely due to his lack of a sixth sense — Soul Perception — Black Star has developed his natural five senses, most notably his sense of hearing, and has quick reflexes. He is able to recognize unstable footsteps from Crona and is able to hear the conversation between Sid and Nygus when they ware talking about Stein's arrival. His strong soul and his lack of a sixth sense in turn makes him stronger against insanity as he cannot sense it as well as others.

Shadow Weapon: After Tsubaki absorbed her brother's soul, Black Star gains access to the Uncanny Sword. At first, the sheer power of the sword is far too high for Black Star to handle. However, through practice and making peace with the entity within the sword, Black Star gains access to its remarkable power. He demonstrates his new power in the face off against Mifune in their last battle. During the battle, Black Star uses the sword, granting him unprecedented power and speed, new powerful Weapon forms and the ability to use his own shadows as Weapons.

Madness: Black Star later acquires the ability to change his Wavelength to one of madness. This ability, loosely translated as 'Madness Release' (発狂 Hakkyou) increases his power, giving him almost superhuman strength, as he is able to lift up the Cyclops with one hand. His power over the Uncanny Sword also increases. In this form, his usual white and blue Spartoi uniform and scarf changes to black, his bandages are bisected with black lines and his pupils turn into large stars up until they almost completely block out the irises. Although this ability grants him great power, even he has the possibility of slipping into insanity if he uses it for too long, unless he forms a Chain Resonance with someone like Maka, who can use her courage and Anti-Demon Wavelength in order to act as a support to Black Star's sanity.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soul Eater Black☆Star History

Black Star's Soul

Black Star comes from a long line of assassins known as the Star Clan (ĉ˜Ÿĉ— Hoshizoku). The clan was known as a group of ninjas who did anything for money. They victimized people in many areas, killing many innocent people, which made them infamous in various places. Due to their actions, the entire clan was exterminated by Shibusen thirteen years prior to the series. Black Star, who was still an infant at the time, was taken in by Shibusen, where he was raised by Sid Barett. He showed skill and talent in his abilities from a very young age, but was still ostracised by many, blaming him for everything that the Star Clan had done in the past. He and Maka apparently knew each other from childhood, and there is a possibility that they were friends from a young age, since in a flashback, Maka thought that Black Star was 'cool' and did not bear any malice over his heritage. Black Star bears no malice over the loss of his clan, because he understands that his parents led a wretched life and eventually paid the price for it.

Due to his ego, many people ignored him, and he constantly failed to collect any souls of Evil humans. On the day of the Shibusen entrance ceremony, he stood on top of the DWMA and declared his greatness to the new students below. At first, it seemed as if everyone ignored him and left, but then Black Star found Tsubaki applauding. Impressed that someone had noticed his greatness for the first time, the two introduced each other, and after finding out that Tsubaki was a Demon Weapon, they became partners.