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Soul Eater Maka Albarn Uncanny Sword and The Soul that Persisted

Uncanny Sword
Maka is seen with Soul, Shinigami, Stein, Death the Kid, Liz and Patti in the Death Room, welcoming Black Star and Tsubaki back from their successful mission against Masamune. Maka congratulates the two and is seen watching as Black Star attempts to use Tsubaki's new Uncanny Sword form, but fails as it is still too powerful for him.

The Soul that Persisted
Maka, witnessing Stein give Black Star a way to make his soul stronger in order for him to wield Tsubaki's Uncanny Sword form, tells Stein to give her training as well. She is told by Stein to find a way to make herself stronger in her own unique way like Black Star does. Afterward, she goes to visit Soul to remind him of the party being thrown for Black Star and Tsubaki's first soul as well as Soul coming out of the hospital. She shows signs of distress upon seeing Soul's scar that he obtained from protecting her, and continues to blame herself.
During the party, Maka senses Witches in Death City, which are Eruka and Mizune fighting against Medusa. Maka reaches the spot at the same time Dr. Stein did and both see Medusa, who is disguised as the school's nurse. After the three talk about the possible culprit, Soul appears, worried about Maka since she just ran off. The worried Soul makes Maka realize that she must accept what had happened to Soul and work hard not to get him hurt again. Maka then places her hand on Soul's chest, much to his surprise, and tells Stein she has found a way to make her soul stronger.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Soul Eater Maka Albarn Part in the Story-Seiken

Maka is next to Soul when he wakes up from a terrible dream, and tries to comfort him. Later on, Maka asks if she can do anything for Soul; Soul replies with a no. Maka is noticeably saddened by this. Soul tries to cheer her up by saying it is his fault that he is in this condition. This only saddens her more as he makes her leave. Outside of Soul's room, Maka's father asks her to come up to the roof with him.
Up on the roof, Spirit tries to cheer up Maka, which proves fruitless. Maka asks Spirit what he thinks of her mother. When Spirit replies that he loves her, Maka asks why he cheated on her all the time. Spirit tries to run away by asking her if she wants to head back. Maka says they just got there.
Later on, Maka asks Spirit about the Kishin. He then explains the origins of the first one, Asura.
After Black Star and Kid's meeting with Excalibur, Maka, along with Soul who had recovered, shows them a large bouquet of flowers Excalibur had left for them in their classroom, and a message to them that he will be waiting for them.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Soul Eater Maka Albarn Part in the Story-Demon Sword Ragnarok

Maka and Soul go on a mission in Italy. After a run-in with the Materazzi, the two successfully defeat and acquire the soul of Sonson J. After a brief conversation with Soul, Maka detects an unusual soul within a church and decides to investigate, believing it to be another Meister and Weapon. She detects the souls of the Materazzi, but to her shock, all of their souls disappear in an instant, as if they have been devoured. The two ride to the church on Soul's motorbike, and enter the building.
The two do encounter a Meister and Weapon: Crona and his/her Weapon partner that shares a symbiotic relationship with him/her, Ragnarok. It is revealed that they had killed all the people present, and they then proceed to attack Maka and Soul. Maka and Soul put up a good fight but are overpowered due to the abilities of Crona's Black Blood. Maka worries about Soul as she realizes that Crona can hurt him, even in Weapon form. However, Soul tells her to keep using him, as he is prepared to die for his Meister. However, Maka is cornered, and is reluctant to use Soul to block one of Crona's blows. Soul transforms into human form and shields her from the blow, acquiring a large scar across his chest. Maka, deeply upset over Soul's sacrifice, refuses to leave him behind as he tells her to escape before losing consciousness. However, the two are saved by Spirit and Stein. Stein assures that he will do what he can to save Soul before fighting Crona and Ragnarok. Maka watches the two battle and eventually they are successful in defeating Crona and Ragnarok, but the sudden appearance of a Witch, Medusa, allows Crona to escape.
Maka, deeply worried about Soul, waits for Stein to finish operating on him outside the dispensary back at Shibusen. When Stein allows her to see him, she tearfully stands at his bedside, promising Soul to become stronger in order to not let him get hurt again. Black Star and Tsubaki then enter to comfort her. Black Star tries to wake Soul up (rather violently), prompting Maka to give him a Maka Chop. They are soon also met by Medusa (who is disguised as the school nurse) with Spirit who tries to flirt with her (Maka also gives him a Maka Chop). Medusa cheers Maka up by telling her that she will definitely become stronger. Unbeknownst to Maka, Soul's bloodstream is invaded by Black Blood during the fight against Crona and Ragnarok.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Soul Eater Maka Albarn Part in the Story-The New Student and Soul Observation

Maka is seen in class watching the new teacher, Stein, prepare to dissect an endangered bird on the brink of extinction. Tsubaki wonders where Black Star and Soul had got to, and Maka jokingly replies that the two may as well become partners since their attitudes are almost the same, which provokes a shocked Tsubaki to object rather violently towards her. Two students then notice Soul and Black Star about to battle somebody outside. Maka tells Stein that, when two Meisters fight on school grounds, one staff member has to forsee it. With that said, Stein brings Tsubaki and Maka with him. They find that Soul and Black Star are fighting Death the Kid and his partners, who had just enrolled into the DWMA.
Outside, Stein teaches Maka about matching Soul Wavelengths with one's partner(s). Maka witnesses the perfect Resonance between Kid and his Weapons and the imperfect Resonance between Soul and Black Star, using her newly acquired Soul Perception. She watches in dismay as the hapless pair fail to act as a Meister and Weapon and end up being defeated by Death the Kid after trying to execute a sneak attack. However, Black Star and Soul win by default as Kid then loses consciousness after coughing up blood. Maka explains that Soul's sneak attack eariler had cut Kid's bangs, making them asymmetrical, and he had fainted because he had just noticed this. She approaches a battered Soul, and gently scolds him for picking pointless fights, which had been what Soul had told her once before. Soul laughs and admits that he had been 'not cool.' The two agree that Black Star can only be partners with Tsubaki. Maka and Soul agree to work together again as they reconcile.
When Death comes to pick up his son, Kid, Maka takes the opportunity to see his soul. She, however cannot see it and leaves it at that. What she does not know, however, is that the reason she cannot see Death's soul is because it covers the entirety of Shibusen.

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Soul Eater Maka Albarn Part in the Story-Supplementary Lessons

Maka and Soul, resuming their soul hunting, defeat and acquire the soul of the Evil human, Rasputin. The morning after, Maka walks in Soul's room to find him with Blair, who had snuck up on him. Misunderstanding the situation, Maka kicks Soul out of the window in fury. Later, at school, Soul tells her of a rumour that had been going around recently. Their homeroom teacher, Sid Barett had been missing and rumors had gone around that he might be a zombie attacking students. Maka is frightened by Soul Eater's retelling of the stories but tries to write them off as meaningless rumors. Much to Maka's dismay, her father becomes a temporary replacement for their homeroom teacher. However, the two are sent to the Death Room to see Shinigami. On the way, they meet Black Star and Tsubaki, who had also being called to the Death Room.
Shinigami, upon meeting them, informs them that they all must take extra lessons. Maka is shocked by this, thinking that extra lessons are only for idiots, however, she is soon demoralized when she is told that she has acquired a low number of souls as of now. Shinigami informs them to go after Sid, who had indeed been turned into a zombie, and find who had turned him into one. If they do not succeed, all four of them will be expelled.
The four decide to go to Sid's grave in Hook Cemetery to start their investigation. Maka is still too depressed to care because of her having to take extra lessons. However, she soon readies herself as Sid attacks them. A battle soon ensues between the students and teacher. This fight is the first time in which Maka uses Soul Resonance and her Witch Hunt attack, resulting in a near-death experience for Black Star after she missteps and incorrectly aims. Maka and Soul argue as to who botched up the Resonance. Black Star ends up catching Sid using Tsubaki in Weapon form (unintentionally catching Maka and Soul too, much to their chagrin). In trying to get Sid to tell them who had made him into a zombie, Black Star flips Tsubaki's skirt, revealing her underwear. Sid relents and says that is was Stein who had made him into a zombie, but refuses to tell them where he is. Soul, refusing to give up, flips Maka's skirt also, covering his eyes. To Maka's annoyance, Sid shows no reaction towards her. She ends up giving Black Star, Sid and Soul a Maka Chop and Sid ends up telling them where Stein is.
The four then proceed to Stein's lab to encounter and deal with the source of the problem. After a rather bemusing introduction, it is concluded that the only way to resolve the issues is to defeat Stein. It is only when the fight begins that Stein reveals just why he had earned his reputation as a strong fighter, by easily taking on the team single handed, intimidating Maka and apparently 'killing' Black Star. Maka rightfully begins to fear Stein and this is only furthered when she observes his far stronger soul, using Soul Perception for the first time. It appears that she is frozen by her fear, but Soul manages to encourage her to fight him, saying that just because she had seen his soul, she has not seen the future. The two attack again and successfully Resonate and connect their Witch Hunt. Unfortunately Stein is still able to overpower the attack, leaving Maka barely conscious on the ground. Before Stein can grab her however, Soul appears and crouches over Maka, telling him that he will not let him hurt his Meister. Stein, pleased by Soul's bravery, gives him a pass point, and Stein reveals that the lesson has now ended. Everyone finds out that Black Star is actually alive and that this was all a part of the extra lesson, much to Maka's despair. From this point onwards Stein becomes Maka's teacher. Maka, horrified, actually starts to want her father to be her teacher instead.

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Soul Eater Maka Albarn Part in the Story-Prologue

The series begins when Maka and Soul Eater are soul hunting at night in the dark streets when they cross paths with Jack the Ripper and engage him in a battle, in which they are victorious. After defeating the Evil human, Soul eats Jack the Ripper's soul, the souls of Evil humans being necessary for Soul's possible upgrade to Death Scythe. Since this is their ninety-ninth Evil human soul, Maka is very close in making Soul into a Death Scythe.
They contact Shinigami and are informed that Soul Eater must consume a single Witch Soul before he can be upgraded into Death Scythe (Witch Souls being the hardest to obtain). Shinigami reminds them that if they consume a soul that is not a Witch Soul, they will have to start collecting ninety-nine Evil human souls all over again. During the conversation between them and Shinigami, Spirit, Maka's father, also appears, and warns Soul to keep his hands off of his daughter. Soul replies coolly that he is not interested in girls like Maka who lack physical attractiveness, which enrages both Maka and Spirit. Spirit tries to be friendly towards his daughter, who rejects him almost immediately, much to his despair.
Maka and Soul's quest for the Witch Soul takes them to a pumpkin-shaped house which they believe to be home to Blair the Witch, a woman with purple hair and magical powers. Although Maka tries to have Soul follow a set plan, her partner disobeys her and crashes through the window of Blair's house, eager for his next meal. However, he finds out that he had crashed into her bathroom, and that Blair is having a bath, and he ends up getting a nosebleed after landing into the bath with Blair. Maka, angered by his actions, kicks him across the bathroom before confronting Blair. They try to fight Blair, but she easily blows them away with her Halloween Cannon. The pair try fighting her again numerous times, but their plans usually end with Blair using her Halloween Cannon on them, or by sneaking up on Soul and giving him a nosebleed again.
Finally, they are able to engage Blair in a proper battle. Maka, now annoyed with Soul's constant nosebleeds, argues with him, which prompts Blair to ask Soul to become her Weapon instead, since she will not complain to him at all. Maka tells her to stay away from Soul and that he is her partner. However, Soul is silent throughout the battle after Blair's proposal, not responding to Maka. When she starts struggling in holding her own against Blair, Soul suddenly declares himself as Blair's new partner, saying that he prefers Blair because she is physically superior to Maka. Maka at first believes that Blair had put a spell on Soul, but soon realizes and is deeply upset. However, she then sees that Soul is only tricking Blair, and using the opportunity, the two manage to defeat her. Maka thanks Soul as he devours his final soul, and prepares to become a Death Scythe. However, all he manages is a belch, much to Maka's disgust. To their horror, they find that Blair is not a Witch, but a mere cat with magic powers. They find that they must start their soul hunting all over again. Forlorn, the two ride away on Soul's motorbike, with Blair following. Maka asks her why she is still alive, and Blair replies that cats have more than one soul, and that Maka and Soul had only succeeded in getting one of them. Maka crossly tells the cat to stop following them.
Maka and Soul later meet with Black Star and Tsubaki in the DWMA after their failed mission against Alcapone. After exchanging greetings, Tsubaki asks them how Maka and Soul are doing and the two become depressed, as Maka asks her not to remind them of their failure as they get depressed just thinking about it.
Maka later sees Tsubaki and Black Star disagreeing with each other outside through a window in the classroom. She wonders why Tsubaki had become Black Star's partner when she could have chosen anyone else. Soul tells her that although Black Star may be an idiot, he has guts, and that Tsubaki must know that he is not all talk. Maka smiles in agreement as she watches the two from the window. Soul suggests that they should get to work soon as they must start over in making a Death Scythe. Maka agrees.
After, Maka is with Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki as they observe that someone had taken an exceptionally hard mission for the DWMA. This mysterious Meister is a subject of much talk in the school. Soul, along with a jealous Black Star, eagerly dash off to find who it is. Maka and Tsubaki go to class, and wonders on what the two are doing.

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Soul Eater Maka Albarn Abilities

Maka's active weapon gene.

Physical Fitness: Although not in league with the likes of Black Star, Maka has shown great physical fitness throughout the series. She is able to swing a scythe, an uncommon weapon used in battle, with enough force to cut through a body and her melee attacks are quite strong. Aside from her strength, she has shown great flexibility and reflex. This is seen during her battle against Sid. During this battle, she was able to quickly maneuver around Sid's Living End and deliver a strong leg drop with little space--once again touching upon her strength. Her athleticism is noted amongst the females, as Patti's close-combat abilities were compared to that of Maka's. In the anime, she presents good speed and stamina, as she is shown to run up walls, jump from tree to tree, and run for incredibly long distances. Despite her renowned athleticism, she can be incompetent in sports such as basketball as she has no idea how to play them. Her skills in handling a scythe are called into question while in the Envy chapter of the Book of Eibon.

Soul Perception: This unique ability allows a person to 'perceive' the souls of living people. Maka first activated this ability during her battle against Stein. As the series progressed, she was able to use the ability at will, being able to quickly detect multiple souls and from a distance also. When compared to most Soul Perception users, Maka's Soul Perception is especially sensitive, and she is among the first to recognize a person or a Witch's presence. She reacts immediately to a Witch's Soul Wavelength and can sense people around her even when they are hiding. It has progressed to the point where she can distinguish between a normal, human soul and a Witch Soul. She can also identify a person she knows by only looking at their soul, up until the point that in the anime, she recognizes Medusa's soul, even when she is using Soul Protect. In the manga, she is yet to gain the ability to see through a Witch's Soul Protect, but her Soul Perception is very powerful, being able to spread over a great distance and making her more efficient in combat as she can sense her enemy's presence. In one case, she was able to realize that Enrique was a monkey without seeing him. In another case, she was able to distinguish that Gopher had a Grigori soul. Because her Soul Perception will probably reach the level of Joe Buttataki's where she can identify a Witch with Soul Protect on, she is currently targeted by evil forces. Justin Law once attempted to assassinate Maka but was stopped by Stein and Marie.

Anti-Demon Wavelength: Maka's soul carries an Anti-Demon Wavelength. This Wavelength acts a powerful barrier against insanity and darkness. This Wavelength is also carried over to her attacks, which serve to be very effective against Witches or any individual harboring madness or dark powers. Using the purification effect of her Anti-Demon Wavelength in her attacks, she can even take on an Immortal. This Anti-Demon Wavelength, coupled with her sensitive Soul Perception ability, makes Maka a huge threat to the Kishin and Witches. Attempts to kill her were from both Medusa, in the name of Witches, and Justin, in the name of Asura. In the English dub of the anime, it is called an Excorcism Wavelength.

Black Blood: Through Soul, Maka was infected with Black Blood, an insanity facilitator. Under the effects of the Black Blood, Maka forgoes previous personality in lieu of a more crazed, bloodthirsty persona. Due to the Black Blood hardening within her body, she was able to gain an immunity against slash and crush attacks and also acquired superior strength. Later on in the series, when Soul and Maka perform Soul Resonance, Soul inadvertently activated the Black Blood. This time, however, he had more control over this and, instead of Maka becoming a lunatic, she donned a dress made a Black Blood. The only service this dress has given is acting as a durable armor towards attacks. The Black Blood however cannot seem to permanently infect her like with Soul because of her Anti-Demon Wavelength.

Grigori: Maka has the Grigori Soul, a rare type of soul that only one in fifty-million people possess. Grigori Souls have wings, which gives the person the ability to fly. Maka does this by creating wings on her partner, Soul, while he is in weapon form. It is unclear whether it possesses any other ability beside flying. The strength of her Grigori Soul may differ from Gopher's, since she needs Soul to create her wings, whilst Gopher can create his wings on his person without a partner.

Weapon Gene: In the anime only, it is shown that Maka inherited the Weapon blood from her father, Spirit. In the last episode of the anime, Maka's dormant "Weapon blood" from her father was awakened while unconscious, producing blades from various limbs and proving to be a very intimidating opponent in battle.

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Soul Eater Maka Albarn History

Maka's soul (left) and Soul's soul (right)

Maka was born around the same time Black Star was taken in to the DWMA, which was approximately thirteen years prior to the series's beginning. Her mother, Kami, was an esteemed Scythe Meister, and her father was Spirit, Kami's Weapon partner who became a Death Scythe under Kami's hand. Spirit often read books to her, which led to her love of reading and books at her present age. However, since she was small, Maka was constantly aware of Spirit cheating on her mother, which resulted in her dislike for her father and men in general. She can still remember all the instances in which Spirit had cheated on Kami. Kami divorced Spirit one month prior to the start of the series, and Maka vowed to make a Death Scythe like her mother, one that was even stronger than Spirit.
One day she met Soul playing the piano and the Demon Weapon played her a strange dark song on the instrument, stating that this song was what he was. Maka, however, liked his song and felt that he was an interesting person to get to know, also the first boy that she felt she could trust. The two agreed to become partners and have been a Weapon and Meister team since then.

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Soul Eater Maka Albarn Appearance

Maka as a boy

Maka is of Japanese descent. She is fairly petite and her primary outfit is a typical schoolgirl outfit and a trench coat with a cloak-like end (that constantly alters its shape in various parts of both the manga and anime), a white blouse with a yellow sweater vest, a red plaid skirt, and black boots with white buckles. When using Soul, she usually wears white gloves. Her hair is ash blonde and always in pigtails, although there are certain times at her home where she will wear them in buns or straight down, or sometimes styled on formal occasions. She has large olive green eyes. Her soul, when viewed by Stein, has an orange-like color and has her signature pigtails. Some comments from Ragnarok and Maka herself seems to suggest that Maka's soul is quite small, especially when compared to someone else's, for example, like Black Star's. When resonating with Soul, these 'pigtails' turn into wings. Unlike Soul, Maka does not have exaggerated facial expressions unless a situation calls for it or if she's under the influence of Black Blood. When in the Black Room with Soul, she wears a black dress with black gloves, black ribbons in her pigtails and black lacy heels.
When Maka joined Spartoi, her outfit changed, though it still shows similarities to her previous attire. Maka's Spartoi uniform is very similar to that of a Japanese schoolgirl's sailor uniform with the coloring of the classic Spartoi uniform: a white blouse attached with a blue, sailor-style collar with a red necktie and a short, blue, pleated skirt. Along side this uniform, Maka wears black tights and the classic white, Spartoi shoes. Like her previous outfit, Maka wears a long trench jacket; though it is white instead of black and has the Spartoi logo on the left shoulder as well as the fact that the cloak end splits in two. Her pigtails are fashioned using skull hairbands similar to Shinigami's mask. She also still wears white gloves.
In the Lust chapter in the Book of Eibon, Maka is transformed into a boy, having switched genders like the other members of Spartoi. Out of all the characters, apart from Pot of Fire and Pot of Thunder, she changes the least in appearance. She has shorter hair and wears a suit, similar to Soul's, complete with the usual gloves she wears. However, after leaving the chapter, she starts to slowly change back into a female. Her pigtails start to reappear, although they are still quite short, and she is wearing her Spartoi uniform again, only she is still wearing trousers instead of her usual skirt. She then changes back completely.

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Soul Eater Maka Albarn Personality

Maka's soul

As the daughter of the current Death Scythe and his former Master, she has high expectations of herself. She idolizes her mother and as a result dislikes her disloyal father(as shown in the anime when she was speaking with Crona and strangely enough, said that her favorite memory of her mother was when she asked Spirit for a divorce, the reason being that she admired her mother's strong will).
She likes reading books and doing puzzles, and frequently studies to remain as a model student. She is often seen carrying a book, and seems that she has always one on her person as she can use her Maka Chop at any time. She relies a lot on books to help her understand things, and is sometimes teased by Soul, who calls her a bookworm. She seems to prefer to stay in the house and read or study, emphasized by her lack of ability to play games such as basketball (despite her athleticism), as she does not know the rules. She is also stubborn, foolhardy, gloomy-natured and is quick to resort to violence, according to Soul, at least.
Maka is bright, cheerful, direct and confident, in contrast to Soul, but can also be stubborn, short-tempered, competitive and can sometimes let her emotions get the better of her and she sometimes forgets to take into consideration of other people's feelings, which sometimes results in conflict with her peers, like the times when she argues with Soul and later has a fight with Black Star. She is enthusiastic, but sometimes takes her enthusiasm too far and can be demanding at times. However, overtime, she can admit to her mistakes and is kind and caring to her friends, and will not hesitate to do anything to help them, although she also won't hesitate to put them in line if they do something inappropriate. She is mostly known for her courage, and she is willing to throw herself at any enemy, no matter how strong they are, and she also retains a cool demeanour even when Giriko tries to intimidate her. She also has a sense of honour, shown when she tells Black Star to punch her since she punched him some time ago.
Although Maka is usually confident in herself, she can be extremely sensitive when someone scorns her abilities, and she often falls into a depression and questions on how weak she is. She admits that she is considerably weaker than Kid or Black Star. Likewise, she is also easily flattered. Nevertheless, she still fights with all of her strength and furiously attacks anyone who hurts her friends.
In battle, her determination knows no bounds, and she faces an enemy no matter how strong they are. She also displays an almost frightening ferocity and drive in battle, not afraid of punching her opponents directly in the face (which she does quite often). In her fight with Free, she even headbutts her Weapon in order to push the blade into the werewolf, and she even rushes at an enemy when she doesn't have a Weapon. Her temper is amplified in battle, and it is not unusual for her to shout and curse when something goes wrong. She used to prefer the logical approach to fights, wanting to have a proper plan of what to do in a battle. However, as the series progresses, she becomes more reckless and starts diving into battles without any plan, preferring to simply give it her all in the situation.
Maka also holds deep respect for her superiors like Stein and Shinigami, and usually never hesitates in obeying orders from Shibusen. In fact, she does not even kill Gopher for trying to assassinate her, as he is not on Shinigami's wanted list. She likes to consider herself as a model student, and abides by the rules of Shibusen and displays great politeness to her superiors. She sometimes recites the DWMA rules from memory, throwing even Shinigami himself. However, deep down, she is shown to be torn at times when she is not sure whether to obey Shibusen or go her own way. This is shown more in the anime, when Maka becomes frustrated whether or not to follow Shibusen, or go and help Crona and Marie save Stein. However, after Soul persuades her to do what she wants to do for a change, Maka proves herself to be incredibly driven, up until the point she completely ignores rules and regulations, attacking Medusa even though she knows that Shibusen had promised not to harm her. She later admits to Asura that although she tries to obey rules and orders, in the end, she is not really that good at it and prefers going her own way. In the manga, she also breaks school rules by using her father's ID in checking out forbidden books from the Library, although she sincerely apologizes for this.
When her gender changes in the Lust chapter in the book of Eibon, her personality slightly alters to match more of a male character. Although her seriousness remains, she also becomes more critical and sombre. One of her great changes in her personality though is her new weakness towards women, a lot like Soul's weakness towards women, shown when she starts to have an uncontrollable nosebleed upon meeting the Succubus. However, her original personality returns upon leaving the chapter.
Maka seems to be annoyed at the fact that her body has not developed yet (which is the center of some jokes in the series) and is even more annoyed when people tease her about it. When being told of her Grigori Soul, she gets a strong desire to become an 'angel-like' figure, and is annoyed as Soul doesn't agree with this. She has a tendency to have zero-tolerance to some of Soul's undesirable behavior, usually hitting him with a Maka Chop if he does something perverted (even if he is not the instigator. Namely, he often receives Maka Chops if Blair presses herself on him). She can be quite violent when needs arise. Overall, she seems to dislike men because of their disloyalty and perverted ways towards women. This dislike stems from her father's actions.
Dr. Stein saw her soul and told her she was a "serious person who tries hard." Since she is quite serious, she is often dismayed by the other's immature behaviour.
Her father is Shinigami-sama's current Death Scythe. Maka acts as if she hates her father (as she has caught him constantly flirting with other women) but she still loves him very much. Her mother was a Scythe Meister, as well, at one point wielding Maka's father as her own Weapon; Maka's mother, Kami, and Spirit, Maka's father, are divorced one month prior to the series.
Seeing that Maka changed quite quickly back to her original gender in the Book of Eibon, it is revealed that she is not that lustful, befitting her serious nature and dislike towards men in general.

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Soul Eater Maka Albarn

Maka Albarn (マカ=アルバーン Maka Arubān)
Voiced by: Junko Takeuchi (drama CD),
Chiaki Omigawa (Japanese),
Laura Bailey (English)
The meister of the scythe Soul Eater and the main female protagonist. She is a young but dedicated student who takes after her mother, another prodigious meister. However, her relationship with her father Spirit (aka Death Scythe) is incredibly strained due to his constant flirtations with women, leading her parents to divorce. As such, Maka is obsessed with turning Soul Eater into a Death Scythe that will surpass her father. She makes a good team with Soul, but is prone to nagging and violent outbursts whenever Soul does something foolish. When in danger, however, Maka does everything she can to keep Soul out of harm's way. Her skills as a scythemeister allow her to perform the Witch-Hunt Slash (魔女狩り Majo Gari?, lit. "Witch-Hunt") and Demon-Hunt Slash (魔神狩り Majin Gari?, lit. "Demon-Hunt") with ease when resonating with Soul, but when Soul is infected by black blood, Maka risks slipping into madness if they can't control it. She eventually develops the Anti-Demon Wavelength inherited from her mother which repels the effects of insanity. She is adept at Soul Perception, which allows her to detect souls and judge their strength; she even has the potential to sense witches' souls even when they suppress their magic. After turning Soul into a Death Scythe, Maka gains the ability to fly with the angelic wings offered by her Grigori soul. She is shown to have strong feelings for Soul. In the anime only, Maka is shown to conjure scythes herself upon fighting against Asura and losing consciousness. In the manga, Maka has a hard time understanding music so she is jealous about Soul's love for it.

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Soul Eater Main Students

The three main meisters of Soul Eater (from left to right): Death the Kid, Maka Albarn, and Black Star.

The students at DWMA are classified into two groups: humans who are born with the power to turn into demon weapons, and the human wielders of these weapons called meisters (職人 shokunin). Meisters and weapons are paired with each other early on, and must be skilled at channeling the wavelengths of their souls, constantly training with each other to synchronize the wavelengths of their souls to effectively battle against witches and evil humans. The goal of all students at DWMA is for their weapon to become a Death Scythe (デスサイズ Desu Saizu), one of Shinigami's weapons. To gain the status of Death Scythe, a weapon must consume exactly ninety-nine evil human souls and one soul of a witch. Particularly powerful meisters and weapons are capable of fighting without the need of a partner. By utilizing a technique called Soul Resonance (魂の共鳴 Tamashii no Kyōmei), a meister and weapon pair is able to access new powers and skills. Particularly high-tier meisters are able to fight without a weapon by utilizing the wavelength of their soul offensively.

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List of Soul Eater Characters

The main characters of Soul Eater (from left to right):
Top row: Black Star, Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Soul Eater Evans, and Maka Albarn.
Bottom row: Liz and Patty Thompson, Death the Kid, Blair, and Death Scythe.

This is a list of characters from the Japanese manga and anime series Soul Eater. The series revolves around students at "Death Weapon Meister Academy" (死神武器職人専門学校 Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon Gakkō), or "DWMA" (死武専 Shibusen) for short. The head of the school is Shinigami, Death himself. It is run as a training facility for weapons and the human wielders of those weapons to hunt down and reap the souls of evil humans to prevent them from becoming kishin (鬼神, demon gods). The series focuses on three meister-weapon partnerships: Maka Albarn and her scythe, Soul Eater; Black Star and his shadow weapon, Tsubaki; and Death the Kid and his twin guns, Liz and Patty Thompson.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Soul eater Folklore

A soul eater is a folklore figure in the traditional belief systems of some African peoples, notably the Hausa people of Nigeria and Niger.
Belief in soul eaters is related to traditional folk beliefs in witchcraft, zombies, and related phenomena. The soul eater is supposedly able to consume an individual's spirit, causing a wasting disease that can be fatal; "the soul eater is a classical form of the cannibalistic witch." In Hausa belief, the desire and capacity for the practice, termed maita, is rooted in special stones kept in a person's stomach. The trait allegedly can be inherited from one's parents, or can be acquired from an existing practitioner. The soul eater can take the form of a dog or other animal in pursuit of his or her practice — a belief that connects with the beliefs in werewolves, werecats, selkies, and other were-creatures and human/animal beings found in world folklore.
The belief survived into African-American folklore in the United States and the Caribbean region. Related beliefs can be found in other traditional African cultures, like the Fulbe and the Serer, and in cultures outside of Africa too — such as in the tribes of the Mount Hagen area of Papua New Guinea. The hix or ix of the Maya and related peoples is a comparable figure; the Pipil term teyollocuani translates literally as "soul eater."
Some traditional religions, from that of the ancient Egyptians to the Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Natchez, contain figures whose names have been translated into English as "soul eater." These mythological figures, however, are spiritual and not human beings, and so are distinctly different from Hausa and comparable beliefs.
The traditional belief in soul-eaters has been adopted by a range of modern horror fiction and fantasy writers, contemporary songwriters, and anime and video game creators for their own uses.