Friday, March 9, 2012

Black Star Relationship with Death the Kid

Black Star, at first, does not like Kid that much. Since Black Star's aim is to surpass the gods, Kid is a rival to him as he is a Grim Reaper, a God of Death. Black Star often challenges Kid and picks fights with him in order to beat him. Their two conflicting personalities also causes them to argue at times. However, mostly, they still get along reasonably well, and make a good team in battle. However, Black Star's jealousy of Kid's god-like abilities soon consumes him, which causes Black Star to goad him into fighting him, with Kid winning quite easily. After that battle, Black Star then starts to respect Kid a lot more as he begins to understand what he wants to do. He also respects him as Kid was the only one who took Black Star seriously and did not look down on him when he claimed to everyone that he will surpass the gods. He is grateful to Kid for helping him open his eyes to everything, and in return, he saves Kid from the insanity inside the Book of Eibon and vows to become stronger in order to help Kid maintain peace and balance in the world. Black Star is now good friends with Kid, with all signs of rivalry and hostility gone between them. Although their personalities are still rather different, they get along quite well, sometimes even engaging in friendly banter.

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