Friday, March 2, 2012

Black Star Relationship with His Shibusen Soul

Their personalities are rather similar, both being very headstrong and stubborn, thus, they get along very well and enjoy each other's company, with the two exchanging a high-five almost every time they meet. The two once even try to fight as Weapon and Meister, but end up failing miserably. Despite this, they still decide to be friends. Black Star understands Soul quite well, and of his desire to protect Maka, and he acts more serious when such a subject arises. He also trusts Soul in keeping secrets from others. As both of them mature, their friendship does so as well, and Black Star soon begins to respect Soul's cool-headedness and sound judgement. However, they also begin to conflict, since their personalities are now more different, as Black Star does not agree with Soul in terms of keeping Mifune's death a secret to Angela. Black Star also admits that Soul, along with Maka, can be capable of things that even he cannot do.

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