Thursday, March 1, 2012

Black Star Relationship with His Family

White Star
Black Star's father. Black Star does not know White Star personally, since he was killed when he was only a newborn. However, he bears no grudges against this as he knows that his father had been a criminal, and he had paid the price. However, White Star and the Star Clan's history is shown to be a source of insecurity for Black Star, and because of his father's actions, he is often ostracised by people victimized by the Star Clan. At one point, Black Star unintentionally begins to follow in his father's footsteps, becoming hungry for power and on the brink of following the 'Path of the Demon.' However, he soon realizes that this is wrong, and starts following the 'Path of the Warrior,' and he finally comes to terms with his heritage as the Star Clan, leaving White Star's influence behind him.
Not much is revealed about Black Star's mother. His opinion of her is the same as his father, that by being killed by the DWMA, she had paid for her crimes.

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