Friday, February 24, 2012

Black Star Costume

Well,I am here today,I introduced a lot about Black Star before.Today I will introducing some interesting things about him,that is his cosplay items.There are costume,shoes of his,but today I will introduce the costume to you firstly,you can see the following:
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Include: Top + Pants + Belt
Fabric: Cotton + Uniform Cloth
Tailor-made. Fit you best.
As you can see from this costume,you will find the costume is the one worn by Black Star,the quality of this costume is good,which is made of cotton and uniform cloth,you can wear it for a long time,some years as long as you can protect it well.Also,you needn't worry about the size of this costume since we can custom made the costume,as long as you can provide the size of you,we can make the proper costume for you.
So if you would like this costume,you can just open the link and buy it or contact us,we will help you.
At last,hope you like it and hope you have a happy day.

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